It’s Okay Not To Be Perfect

It’s Okay Not To Be Perfect

not to be perfect

Here’s a saying that I have to remind myself about. It seems that I am striving to be perfect – whether it be making something, cooking something or just plain doing something. Got to make it better, got to make it perfect. And there are times when that is necessary, but it is not necessary 24/7. I used to get so upset when creating a piece and I made a mistake, I just had to start over. I always wanted to do it right the first time. Now, I work with it. Make a mistake and I will walk away. Take a break. Sometimes I don’t revisit it for months if I disliked what I did that badly. (Although sometimes it’s because I got excited about something else. Usually something I didn’t make a mistake on, lol.)

So this is just a little gentle reminder. It’s okay not to be perfect.

And on a side note, I did this while waiting for some friends to do their laundry. That laundry mat was a busy place.

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