Distress Crackle Paint

As I was trying to find things to do in between my kids’ Tae Kwon Do Master Club and Black Belt classes, I ended up at a local scrapbook store. I know surprise. But I actually had not been in the little store for a while. The poor cashier didn’t know what to make of us – my sullen children because the comic book store next door was closed and me in one of my not very talkative moods. I looked around the store, waiting for something to jump out at me. When I was about done looking around, a little bummed that nothing really said – Hey Look At ME! When a row of paint caught my eye. Ooooh, crackle paint by Jim Holtz. Crackle paint, now that’s fun. I haven’t seen that in many years, in fact, I think it was in a spray paint form before. I needed a bottle. For what, I don’t know, but I knew I needed it. I fingered a number of colors trying to decide which would be the best, the one I would get the most use out of. I just wanted one so I could see how it performed. I picked “tattered rose” – I know, it’s a pink, a very pale pink. I thought vintage!

After the kids’ activity and dinner, I started cleaning my studio again (I had been working on it on and off all day). Of course, earlier I got side tracked and made a pair of earrings, a couple pendants out of sliced black geodes and a colorful memory wire bracelet. But now I had the small bottle of paint staring at me. Daring me. Of course, I came across a pile of vintage cut outs in a pile on my desk. That was it, I had to make a mixed media piece using that crackle paint. And then a second one followed. I like the paint. But you really need to put it on heavy for a good crackle. If you lightly brush it on, it won’t crackle at all – so do it nice and think. I was pleasantly surprised that it had a brush incorporated in the cap. And I love the color. It was perfect as you can see in the two late night pieces above. You can also rub ink into the paint to bring out the cracks, but I choose not to do that here.

So, if you are a crafter, scrapbooker or card maker, you should try it. Just remember to be patient while it dries. I played on Facebook while mine were drying.

If you would like to see details of “Travel” – 8″ x 8″ Mixed Media click here: http://www.artfire.com/modules.php?name=Shop&op=listing&product_id=3412627

If you would like to see details of “Quick Trip” – 8″ x 8″ Mixed Media click here: http://www.artfire.com/modules.php?name=Shop&op=listing&product_id=3412647

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