Every Day Moments

Everyday moments become cherished memories. The little cousins (and I call them that because they are under 10) came over and hung out with us today. Just enjoyed making melty bead magnets, playing games, and goofing around. Just a day that ended up with memories I will cherish.

She Forgave Easily

She forgave easily and loved. This is one of my greatest trials. Forgiveness does not come easily to me, and is something I battle with. When my heart is pierced, it takes quite a bit to sew it back together. And I'm not a good seamstress. Side note: As I…


Dance This tag evolved over and over again tonight. But dance is what it was meant to be. Then I thought of dancing on angels wings after playing with feathers. And I thought of angels singing. I have to say this photo does not do it justice. Under my ott…


Nighty Night Fighting a headache at the moment, thanks to some girl spraying perfume on my son while he was at work. The smell enveloped the car when I picked him up. So it's time to go close my eyes and dream.

To The Moon & Back

Welcome Baby! Special tag for a special day! Today we welcomed my sister's first baby! Momma and my nephew are doing well. I love that little guy to the moon and back already! Used images from the baby shower invite to make it more meaningful. But I totally love how…