Dainty Earrings

 (sold) (sold) I have been making some very dainty light weight earrings. You can see the ones above are made with sterling silver and various gemstone including black jasper and amethyst. Each pair is $8 which includes shipping.

Guitar Picks and Love

I got these wonderful red tortoise shell guitar picks that pretty much scream "This is perfect for Valentine's Day!" Okay, there is a purple pair thrown in because, some like purple better, and these have girly bling hearts and bows.

Thinking Of Valentine’s Day

I'm already thinking of Valentine's Day, although I'd wear these light weight beauties anytime. Shiny thin plywood hearts on guitar picks. There is also a matching pendant for each set. Hypoallergenic ear wires. $8 each, not on ArtFire yet, so email me at laura@somewhitherarts.com if you are interested.

Custom Mom Vintage Key Necklace

[gallery link="file" order="DESC" orderby="title"] Here are some photos - granted not great photos by any means. I can take photos of people, vistas, close up of flowers - but of my own work, they are horrible. Especially the lighting. Anyways, here is a vintage key necklace that I made for…