Webpage Update

I have been mulling over what to do for some time as far as where to list my jewelry and artwork for sale on the web. Etsy just always seemed to much of a pain in the ass. So I finally decided to get my website back up with a shopping area. Last time I hired someone and they did a great job. But after a while I got tired of the design. I never really got into selling anything on here, I usually just listed on Artfire, so I took down my shopping site and kept it blog only.

After getting fed up with Artfire and all the changes that didn’t help me, I decided to tie a shop into my blog again. I’ve gotten my security in place, and WooCommerce up again. That was a pain with outdated templates, but I got help and it got fixed. I figured out how to show categories and moving right along. Now comes the time consuming part of listing all the inventory. Please bear with me and I am so grateful for all of your support!

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