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Celebrating All Mothers!

Let me say, it’s been awhile. Too long in fact, since the last time I updated my blog. As with things usually happens with all of us. I got swept up in that tide of “Things That Must Be Done” which included a baby shower for my sister, who is expecting her first baby – and probably the only child – she will have. With all my sisterly love and OCD, I had to great time planning everything. Although ever thankful that she catered it and that my sister-in-law (sister of my brother-in-law? – however that goes) made the cake. Next on the list is my daughter’s graduation from high school next month. For the past two evenings we went out to the park to take photos, and I realized that her birthday is in there too.

We moms do a lot, so I decided that I would throw a little discount on all my items listed on ArtFire. No coupon code is necessary, it’s an automatic discount – of 25%! And don’t forget free shipping the US too. Have fun shopping! Let’s go to Somewhither’s 25% off sale on ArtFire – shop now!

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