What is an Affirmation?

Affirmations Blessing Jar #4
Affirmations Blessing Jar #4

I recently posted an Affirmations Jar on Art Fire. And I am sure there are some people out there wondering what is an affirmation. The purpose of affirmation is to pass a command from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind. Say your affirmation out loud, several times a day. Some people mediate on them. You can do affirmations on subjects like abundance or even weight loss. You need to vision yourself as the person you want to become. Just remember that this is not a magic fix. You must also work towards your goals. The faster and harder you work, the faster you achieve them.

The important part is that they are positive and in the present tense. For example – “I will…”, “I can…”, “I am…”. Leave out any negatives. For example, turn “I will get rid of my debt.” into “I have all the money I need.” Affirmations can help motivate you and drive you forward. They can help program your mind.

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