It’s Good to be Home

One of my favorite quotes

Well, it’s been crazy with my family reunion in celebration of my grandmother’s 90th birthday that finally happened this weekend. It was a hectic, yet, nice vacation getting to see family that I have not seen in over 20 years, probably closer to 30 for some. San Diego was wonderful, of course, and we squeezed in a trip to the Wild Animal Park and La Jolla Shores – one of my favorite beaches. It was also sad because I did not feel that I really got to talk with a lot of my relatives because of trying to take photos, and always getting called for one thing or another. But the family slide show was a success and so was the family tree print out. It was as long as the mantel at my cousin Malena’s house. Above is one of my favorite quotes and embodies how I feel about my family and friends. I hope you all enjoy good times with your families not only during the upcoming holiday season, but always.

“Come live in my heart and pay no rent.”

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