My Mascara Doesn’t Run & Neither Do I

My Mascara Doesn’t Run & Neither Do I

My Mascara Doesn’t Run & Neither Do I

My Bold Washi Tape Girl

Finished, finally. Been doing reading, working (at work since I’m part of an essential service), and zoom meetings with the family. Missing doing everything else, just like everyone else. I read “Little Fires Everywhere” and I remembered. I got off my butt, and got busy with things other than cleaning, laundry and video games.

This washi tape girl is bold. I wanted to have it shout look here! I am put together and slaying it! I got sass! I was going to crop the background, but then decided that I really liked – okay, more than that – loved the background. The kicker here is that I’m not a huge pink person. But I liked this! Then I was trying to decide on embellishments. Sometimes I know right away, but his time I didn’t because I changed the size of the background. I then decided on wire in different shapes. I chose items that would influence my washi girl. What goes in to the brain and what goes out. Books, travel, music to name a few. Most of all love. And not just love we feel from others, but self love and sharing love, and kindness.

Washi Tape Girl Head Detail
Washi Tape Girl Embellishment Detail

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