Love Fiercely

Love Fiercely

love fiercly

Love Fiercely: Tight and True

I started this piece while on my way to Pennsylvania for my cousin’s wedding. I was thinking of my immediate family, whom were not able to go with me, and my friends. I guess I was contemplating my own mortality at the time. What I wanted most was for them to know that I love them all very much. And how would they know that unless I told them, or better yet showed them. From there my thoughts expanded upon those I see on a regular basis or maybe every once in a while. I try to be kind to others, although I know I have to deal with my own battles in my head at times. The one way to share that kindness is love. I try to embody it in my work and every day habits – even if it’s just a smile to someone on the street.

Materials: Repurposed book page, India ink and watercolor pencil.
Size: 7″ x 4 1/8″ (17.7cm x 10.5cm)

Original: Available.
Prints Available on Society6:

2 thoughts on “Love Fiercely

  1. I am very inspired by this piece!

    I wrote a New Years matra based on this phrase and I would love ❤️ to use it on a blog post. Could I have your permission please I could link to your blog if you are ok with that.

    Much love


    Mantra for the year: Love Fiercely ❤️. Half-hearted is half a life. Check your pulse. Loving fiercely is a marriage of the Lover with the Warrior.
    Don’t waste your precious life force on those beings or situations that want to always take without giving back, that want to pull you down into neurotic drama, Soul confusion and vampirism. Rise above and don’t look back!
    Be benevolent from your own overflow, not merely “nice” out of shame. Try not to be stingy with your love. If you feel like you don’t have anything to share, remember you are coming from a place of unknowing, lack and low spirit levels. Love is abundance, there is no lack! The Source is unfathomable in its Mystery and Overflow.

    Midwife your Soul’s birth daily, through prayer, sacred silence, time with loved ones, dance, play and projects that bring you home to your Personal Legend. If needs be, take the time you need to replenish your soul, so that the giving flows from you like manna from heaven, rather than feeling like a hemorrhaging of your vital juices.
    Above all, strive to find your peace within the Center of the cyclone of life and hold dear to those who are willing to show up and see and radiate with your light . We’re all gonna die some day. So don’t take Love’s Light for granted. Burn brightly but don’t let the fire die out before it ever really got roaring. ❤️ Happy New Year People!!

  2. Dante,

    Sorry for the extremely late reply. But yes, you have my permission, although you have probably forgotten all about it by now. I have been neglecting my poor page for a while now.


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