Wrapped By Wire

first wire wrapped pendant small


Two weeks ago I noticed a bead store while driving down the road. And I did a double take, bead store? Here? I immediately called a friend of mine and asked if she heard of it. She did a little internet research (aka googled it). We were both excited for a new bead. Then last week, I decided to pop in because I had a couple extra minutes before a lunch meeting. I met the mom of the owner, she was really nice. She also said that they did classes (of course), but what got me was, if you saw a pattern in the store and wanted to learn how to make it, they would show you how (for FREE!) as long as you bought the beads there. Right then and there if you wanted to – you didn’t have to wait for a class to be put on the calendar. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rules and she tempted me with a class on wire wrapping that weekend. This class there was a fee for, but you were given all the supplies. Just pop in during the hours they were open. I took her up on that last Sunday. I learned a wire wrap bracelet. Wasn’t quite my style, but it did get me inspired to pull out the polished stones I got in Tucson earlier this year. I googled lots of different wire wrapped tutorials. then I was ready! Above is my first wire wrapped pendant of a geode and a tear drop Swarovski. Below is my second pendant. The stone has deep greens and reds and has a danglingĀ briolette Swarovski. Since they are first attempts, I’m pretty happy with them. What do you think?

2nd wire wrapped pendant small


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