Custom Mom Vintage Key Necklace

Here are some photos – granted not great photos by any means. I can take photos of people, vistas, close up of flowers – but of my own work, they are horrible. Especially the lighting. Anyways, here is a vintage key necklace that I made for myself. Yes, imagine me smiling by all means. I got sterling silver rounds and using my stamped alphabet set, did my kids’ initials and patina-ed them. I then used their birthstones, or in my daughter’s case, a glass bead that resembled her birthstone – an emerald since I did not have one of those lying around the house. They are the key to my heart.

I found a great site that has information on birthstones – which ones belong to what months and even information on the stones. It is interesting that some months have more than one stone (of course, not my daughter’s). If you are interested, go to the American Gem Society’s page – – and check out yours.

I can do a custom necklace for you, starting at $25 usd.

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