Vacationing and Art

[caption id="attachment_2431" align="alignnone" width="225"] My son outside the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego[/caption] My family and I were able to go San Diego last week as a little mini vacation. And for once, my mom didn't have a to do list for us to do. During the day we…

New Van Gogh Painting

How exciting! A new Van Gogh painting has been discovered. Well, it's an old painting that has been identified as his. To see the full story on the New York Times, click here or copy and paste:

Abstract Art As A Weapon

Autumn Rhythm No. 30 by Jackson Pollock, 1950 Okay, well, not an actual weapon, but as propaganda. This is a really interested article I found yesterday that talks about the CIA using modern art during the Cold War with the Soviet Union. It's a long read, but I found it…

Guitar Picks and Love

I got these wonderful red tortoise shell guitar picks that pretty much scream "This is perfect for Valentine's Day!" Okay, there is a purple pair thrown in because, some like purple better, and these have girly bling hearts and bows.

Vogue – The Power Issue

I meant to blog about Vogue, oh, a couple months ago when I first picked up the magazine at the store. It's the Power Issue and it is huge - like an inch thick! I admit, I picked it up because it had Lady Gaga on it and I was…