Scrabble Tile Mixed Media Pieces

What fun I had making these mixed media pieces. I found a bag of cut up irregular shaped squares of fabric and felt in the garage. Who knows how long it was out these, especially since I have no idea what it was originally for. I haven’t even had my sewing machine in years because I sent it to my sister to use and never got it back. I probably thought I was going to make a quilt, what little did I know, that the squares needed to be cut straight, and the squares much larger. I must have been when my daughter was little, because that was the only time I attempted sewing anything. And that was basically a few easy blankets with nice straight lines. Of course, mine weren’t too straight. Anyways, I really enjoyed making these. I made two, at first, because that was all the wood plaques I had left over from another series I had done a couple years ago. But quickly decided I needed more. These are lots of fun and really cute. I got them ready for the Peoria Farmers Market this Saturday at Park West Mall. It’s going to be from 9am – 2pm. It’s lots of fun and a great venue. Click here for more info on the market.

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