Get Down On Their Level

When photographing those cute kids – both the human and furry kind. Get down on their level. Kneel, lie on the floor – whatever you need to do be eye level with them. This creates a more intimate photograph and one where you can see straight at them instead of at a downward slant. You can create a different mood with the angle that you are shooting from. Take a look at the photos of Max above. The one on the very top was taken from where you usually look down at a small child or animal. The one on below that one was taken by getting down to the dog’s level. Which one do you like better? Where can you see the dog’s personality?

The next time you’re snapping photos, don’t be afraid to kneel down or bring your subject up on a table for better shots.

*And yes, I took all these photos, so please don’t use them without permission – thanks!

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