Rejoice In The Lord

Rejoice In The Lord

Those That Have Faith Rejoice

I have this friend who has amazing faith – this is for her. I guess I could call her a friend. When I first met her she annoyed me in so many ways. Some times she still does. But I have learned a few things from her. Some times I feel like a rock and she is water, slowly eroding away rough parts of my exterior. She said something once, that really really hurt me. That was awhile ago now. It’s taken me a long time to come back from that. I finally realized that she probably never knew how I felt. How much that one comment destroyed me. I didn’t realize that my anger was hiding my hurt. But I got that now. I ended up losing another close friend because of the whole thing. Which saddens me, because I thought she was a better friend than that. But when you are young, you don’t always understand complex emotions and how to deal with them, especially when they are not your own. Wow, I am rambling tonight. I think I’ll stop now.

Side note: On this personal challenge, I made a vow that I would only use materials that I have on hand. I could only buy glue/adhesive if I needed it.

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