Change Of Course

Went into mixed media for today’s tag. Simply believe.

When I started the tags this month, I thought it would be good for me to get me creative again and keep those drawings skills activated. I saw my drawing get less and less and the tags went on. But I love to mix it up. I couldn’t stay away from collaging pieces together. The base of this tag is actually from a jewelry display tag I made a number of years ago. I did separate tags for every pair of earrings I made. I made for a very festive display, but unfortunately people didn’t realize that there was jewelry for sale. So I made simpler tags and put the other ones aside. I’ve used them to making notes on them for people when mailing their packages. I am still sticking to only using what I have on hand. It makes it so I am more creative and don’t accumulate more stuff. All though art stuff should be an exception.

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