Get Back Up Again

Finally watched the Troll Movie and it was a lot better then what I thought it would be. Here's a Poppy inspired tag. Although, I might go back in and draw some more flowers. Just remember, if you get knocked down, get back up. Again and again.

Be Determined

In All That You Do: Be Determined It doesn't matter what you are doing, be determined. In school? Study, commit, join a club, do a sport and put your all into it. Working? Work hard, show your initiative, learn. Be the best you can be and you will never disappoint…

Stay Dedicated

Just under the wire for my own personal challenge of a tag a day. But going to a movie with my daughter was worth it. Thank you to @snapbacks_n_fitness for the inspiration earlier today on Instagram. It can be hard to stay dedicated, to keep on creating, writing, exercising, whatever…
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