Color Study: White

IMG_2462 small

I finished this mixed media piece the other day. I started it because (for some unknown reason) I was thinking of a teacher I had in college. She said that nothing is ever “just” white. White will have an undertone, whether it be cool or warm – look closely and you will see all the colors in white. Then I thought of my brother-in-law. He seems to be very color sensitive with the paint in his house. My sister-in-law was lamenting how all the rooms were “white”, but if looked closely you could see the undertone of blue in one room and tan in another. I believe that color was “latte”. In the above photo, I didn’t crop the image so you could see the easel contrast with the piece, and a little bit of the size. Below is the cropped photo.

IMG_2462 cropped small

And below are details of the artwork. The last photo is taken at an angle to help show the depth.

IMG_2465 small IMG_2466 small IMG_2467 small IMG_2468 small IMG_2470 small

Dimensions: 25 1/2″ x 19 3/4″
Materials: Paper, acrylic paint, dollies, hemp

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