Cherish Yourself (Every Day)

Cherish Yourself (Every Day)

Cherish Yourself

Every Day

This piece has had a number of transformations. Most of it has been with the background. I thought I was done back on February 24th with this one, but no, I was still not happy with the background. I didn’t want to take away from the message to cherish yourself everyday (and enjoy the journey). Then after flowers and dragonflies, I am finally happy with this piece. It has been varnished, so it’s done. We get so busy and get behind putting everyone else first, then we start getting tired and doubting ourselves. We have to remember that we, ourselves – you, are wonderful loving individuals. Remember to love yourself.

This piece is 9″ x 11 5/8″ (22.8 cm x 29.4cm). Mixed media of paper, washi tape, watercolor, India ink and paint. This has been varnished for uv protection. The original has been sold.

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