Art Cards, Editions and Originals (ACEO)

I’ve wanted to do art cards for years. But for some reason their size was daunting to me. They’re just, so small. The one rules is that they are only 2 1/2″ by 3 1/2″. That’s it. At the time, I worked big. Big oil paintings were my thing, not some tiny piece of painting.

But art cards are great! They can be painted, drawn, paper collage. I’ve even seen photographs. They are great to collect because of their size, they are usually reasonably priced. You can keep them in three ring binders just like trading cards or frame them. I do suggest that when you are purchasing an art card to ensure that you have an original. Art cards are also usually signed, dated and titled on the back. If it is a print, it should be numbered on the back. You will also see in the description ACEO, which stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals. The great thing is that artists all over the world make ACEO in all different types of media, genres and subjects. There are sure to be lots out there that will speak to you.

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