Think Pink – New Hot Color for 2011

It’s almost 2011 and all the new colors are being announced – especially the hot new Pantone color. I’ve seen it now around the web in a few different places, the first being on HGTV’s FB site. The color is Honeysuckle. But don’t let that name fool you, this is not some white or yellow color – it’s Pink – yes with a capital P. Now I’ve never seen pink honeysuckle, but if I wanted to google it, it would probably pop up some where. I suggest you take a look at the link I am providing so you can see the color in all it’s glory. Those of you who know me, know that I’m not a pink type of girl. Good thing, they picked nine other colors that will be big for next year in women’s fashions. It’s just sad for me that they’re not colors I gravitate towards, but I am digging the Silver Cloud. I am sure that they are millions of others out there that will love them.

See the pink – Click here or copy and paste:

See the other colors – Click here or copy and paste:

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