Trinkets are small fun items that I have made and sometimes will still dabble in today.


Metal Hook Bookmarks

I started making bookmarks one day to use up some beads from a jewelry project. And I figured, who couldn’t use a bookmark? Of course, at that time, I lived around a bunch of teachers who always needed to mark their places in all their different books. I made string bookmarks, hook bookmarks, and of course, paper bookmarks with quotes. I had a lady who actually told me someone stole the bookmark she bought from me right off her table when she went to the restroom at a farmers market one day. I haven’t made many string or hook bookmarks lately, but I still have plans for some paper ones featuring some vintage photos I found.


Handstamped Tiles

These all started with a friend that gave me a plaster tile that had been handstamped. It was a cute coaster. I feel in love with it. And, of course, I set out to make my own. I liked making these coasters because it was new canvas for me. I was limited by the travertine tile or tumbled marble tiles I used and the special ink I had to use to make it permanent. These handstamped and colored tiles .The travertine or tumbled marble tiles are baked and sealed with felt feet for ultimate tile and table protection. They can be used as a coaster or put on display. I, of course, then found small tiles and made magnets out of them. I stopped making these in 2013.


Scrapbooks & Photo Collages

These were definitely not small trinkets, but since I no longer do custom scrapbooks or photo collages, I thought I would add it here. This is how I got started with papercrafting. After my daughter was born, I began to scrapbook and from there it was a natural expression of creativity. I started making scrapbooks for others for 90th birthday celebrations commemorating a person’s life – their ancestors, childhood, family, travel, hobbies, holidays.

Photo collages were one of my favorite items to create. Using photos, paper, and various embellishments to highlight someone’s life or accomplishments. It could be simply something special for the grandparents to a wedding anniversary or employee award.


Affirmations Blessing Jar #4

Blessing Jars/Tag Books

A lover of quotes is what I have become. They inspire, make you think, motivate. I first started using quotes in my scrapbooks to change them up a bit. But now, I love to decorate and frame favorite quotes. I take special orders of quotes you supply or you may ask for suggestions from my vast collection.

More than a single quote, and either with or without photographs, are quote books. I make them in all different shapes and sizes. They can be tag books, bound books or anything in between. Very popular for special occasions where you want to give a gift that show you care, even if you don’t know the recipient well. They are very popular for wedding gifts, usually done in the couple’s wedding color or the favorite colors of the bride and groom.

Blessing jars were short lived due to my computer crashing and losing all my organized quotes. But I did at least five of them. They were filled with quotes of your choice, and created to your color preference and theme.  All different genres of quotes are available, such as love, friendship, affirmations, mother, sister, scripture, travel, nature and motivational.


Beaded Wine/Bottle Stoppers

Yup, I made these too. I believe I started making them for my mother to gives as Christmas gifts to her coworkers. Every year (although not anymore) I had to come up with a new gift giving idea. They also make a great door prize at networking events.

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