I have a very causal relaxed style of jewelry. I like to use many different kinds of bead in my creations. I do not limit myself to one type of anything. I love to mix glass, metal, gemstones, wood, silver and shell.

I have so much fun creating jewelry. It’s a nice outlet when I need a break or get revitalized for paper crafting.  Please check out the different examples of pieces. I usually do beading and have been playing with metal and guitar picks – mixing things up. On my ArtFire site, you will find jewelry made out of dominos, scrabble tiles, and bullet shells, along with more traditional jewelry.

You can visit my ArtFire account to see what is currently for sale. If for some strange reason the window does not open for you, copy and paste this link into your browser:

 IMG_1273 38 (if I remember correctly)

IMG_1262 2012-11-07_09-51-06_223

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